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Absolutely NO pets or smoking in the Castle!!

We offer the most peaceful get-away that you can imagine. When you rent MacDarvey Castle, the entire Castle is yours for your stay along with the bed chambers you choose.

The Castles main floor is comprised of the ornately Faux painted foyer decorated with weapons from days gone by. Please DO NOT attempt to handle weapons. They are attached to walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Great Hall with its 22 foot ceilings and ornate chandeliers will welcome you to sit and relax with your guests. While the red with gold filigree walls will captivate your imagination.


The fully equipped kitchen has everything you need to prepare a meal fit for a King.


You can then enjoy your feast in the elaborately decorated dining room, with its panoramic view of the valleys beyond through the huge picture window.


Beyond the dining room you will find the library for your relaxation and perusal. You can curl up with your favorite book or you may choose to read "A Murder at Greenbrier" written by D.M. MacDarvey, the Monarch of the Castle.




Room Features

The King David Master bedchamber is decorated in purple, creams and golds, and has a KING size bed. It offers a turret room, private toilet shower room with dressing table and a spectacular view from its picture window. The Master bedchamber also boasts a private balcony deck where you can view the many Elk viewing areas while listening to the mournful bugle of one of the areas majestic bull elk. Or you may want to sit and relax while watching the breathtaking sunset. This view from this balcony alone is worth the visit.


The other two upper bedchambers which share an ornately Faux painted bath, are the Prince Evandrew with a Queen size bed, firm mattress. This room is done in blues with gold filigree. The Evandrew room also boasts a turret room.


The Sir Kylejacob Chamber is done in greens and golds with Faux painted pillars leading to its turret room. You will have a wonderful nights sleep on the pillow top Queen size bed.


  The main floor has two additional bedchambers.

The Princess Taylorbrooke Chamber and turret are done in turquoise and gold. This room has a Queen size pillow top bed and private bath. 



The Lady Allyssa Rose bedchamber is painted in rose with gold filigree. It has a King size bed,with firm mattress and half bath.